The dust is beginning to settle after a series of elections across the UK (disunited kingdom) everyone is a winner and a lose at the same time it seems,  I wonder what if anything will change for folk in many places. We have been sold lots of slogans and sleaze, “vote for me and I will spend money in you town,” the pork barrel approach,

What is missing are the detailed plans and measures to turn the slogans into some form of better built society. On the virus evidence and facts have driven decisions now we are back to prejudice and wishful thinking or cronyism.

Evidence is there in Marmot review, the Lamy review and Dilnot among other important reviews that have not been implemented. On levelling up we are promised new high tech well paid jobs with no plan to make that a reality. 

How about making the essential jobs that people currently have much better paid eg the complex high skill care work  - if this paid 3 times as much as it did people could lead lives free of state subsidy. 



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