Music Makes Moods

You will know that Norfolk Gin is the one with music in. At every stage of making we apply the science of sound to add flavour, soul and attitude. We have a sound system in each of our three huts.

Number one is the Gin Studio. In the studio, where we make the Gin, we use sound to get the botanicals dancing together in the liquor. Over 5 days we take the Gin through 3 stages before it is ready for taste testing. Our sound set up is a classic IPod sitting in a valve Fatman amplifier and KEF speakers. It is a perfectly arranged space out of which we make 10,000 bottles a year. Measuring just 3 metres by 2 so we can get some powerful vibes going.

We often wake the Gin up with a bit of punk or dance music, getting a good bass line running at the beginning gets things moving. Over the week we add jazz, soul, rock and reggae.

Tracks regularly played  include:

I heard it through the Grapevine - The Slits
The look of love - Nina Simone
Flammable - Niahm
Roll away the stone - Mott the Hoople
Flood gates- Luther Grosvenor
It's alright - Houndog Taylor

Yes it is a workplace and it is work! We feel very fortunate to be able to fill our surroundings with fabulous aromas and sounds. The sound scape is a valuable addition to our quality of life. One suggestion we believe is valuable in enhancing the enjoyment of a Norfolk Gin is to pair it with some fine tunes to match the serve and the mood you wish to create.


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