Plans for 2021 the roadmap and treasure

We are contemplating the restoration of our freedoms. Our road map out of the COVID restrictions if you like. Not mourning the lost but looking forward to the finding again, drawing up our space and time treasure map.

On family and friends we reunite at very first opportunity and set up regular dates and events to banish old casual habits that could let things drift and time slip away. We can’t slow time or recapture it we can only use it.

On travel any experiences we will adopt a similar approach and hopefully we will have a rich picture of journeys and joys.

The country, we feel, needs a roadmap, plan or treasure time to step up mr Prime Minister and your team. Here are a few suggestions.

Reinstate the free TV licence

Reinstate young doctors terms and conditions

Reinstate bursaries for nurses and introduce them for all medical professions and professions allied to medicine

Double the teaching workforce including musicians

Corporations trading in UK pay their dues ending offshoring of profit

Leaseholds be abolished for all residential property 

Cancel HS2 

Build affordable homes for millennials instead


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