Another Gin - Grin or Grimace

 Another gin launches is this a cause for dancing and hoopla or a wry grimace?

Think I am in the second camp  - like a sweet shop in a small town when another one opens up opposite you on the street. Every time a new entrant enters a market, where there is already an over supply, all the existing producers inevitable suffer a reduction in business. 

I don't think this is sour grapes just a simple statement of real economics  - holds true for coffee and chutney makers as well a gin makers like us. Marketing friends talk of  'Me too' products and suggest they are a hard area to thrive in. Just look at what is happening with alcohol free spirits!

Our move to making Norfolk Gin was borne out of unemployment and honestly I am grateful for the opportunity to run a business and make a modest living from it and would wish the same for any one.  If I was a small business advisor I would suggest make something that fulfils a need currently unmet. 

rant and grumble over




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