And so this is Christmas

 And so this is Christmas

What a year it has been  - very tumble, jumble. A right mess perhaps. Thank you to all you lovely people who have stuck with us and supported our 6th Christmas and made it a success. We sold out on the 22 Dec and had no Gin left in our sheds. Thankfully there was some in the warehouse and our retailers had stock.

Today some more will be going into bottles and we will be ready for the New Year. Hopefully it will have more joy that this one has presented. 

What have we done?

We opened an online store and began selling directly to you. We use a local team here in Norfolk, V Depot, rather than a mega company  - keeping it local and personal. They have done a fabulous job and our coding team have done great work. We ship out in plastic free packaging which can be reused, just like our bottles.

We watched Its a Wonderful Life again. Whenever a bell rings and angel gets its wings. 

We are missing kissing and hugs and are in need of a party  loud and riotous please

Until then 

stay safe

love and best



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