September Blues and Twos

 Blues and Twos for September. The stripy Tiger spiders are out and about making their webs to catch the last of the seasons flies. We are watching the days get shorter and the leaves begin to turn and drop. The blackberries are almost done and the apples only just begun. 

Our new online store is rolling along steadily with the usual little niggles, couriers practicing their super powers of destruction.  It affects me when it happens and although it is possible to rationalise it it still disappoints and a few the distress caused when a gift or present is mislaid or damaged. 

We are now gearing up for Christmas, assuming that it will be a busy time ahead. Who knows how we will all fare with the virus on the march still and trade with the world not sorted out. We remain hopeful and will have to adapt as we go. 

This weekend the last music festival of 2020 will take place  Wild Fields in Norwich, do go plenty of blues, jazz and soul.  Music and live music is good for the body and mind. Being a socially distanced event there will be room to dance.

Dance and sing dear friends



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