Summer in full swing

 Summer is in full swing here. The campsites and holiday homes are all fully booked and the beaches and walks are absorbing many visitors. The current spell of warm and sunny weather has been a major gift to the pubs and restaurants who have been starved of custom.

The knock on effect is that we are extremely busy and making frequent visits to answer gin emergencies. So we have been splitting the team one making deliveries and the other on the making and bottling tasks. We have managed to keep up although two customers had to wait 3 days for their order. 

On a less cheery side we are experiencing cost increases from our suppliers and this means that since we last increased our trade prices two and a half years ago the cost of a bottle has gone up by the best part of a pound. 

Nothing we can do to reduce supply costs but we are not increasing prices. 

Thank you for supporting us and other small producers. 

best wishes

Joanthan and Alison


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