August 3rd

Well August has arrived and July has hung up her coat and into hibernation for another year. The full moon has renewed the tidal season and drawn up the crops for harvest. The harvest  of  wheat is in full swing despite the challenging growing season 

Wheat is an important crop, it the grain that makes our neutral grain spirit which we tenderly transform into Norfolk Gin. As you know we play lots of great music to the Gin as the botanicals dance and mingle on the dancefloor that is our gin studio. Right now we have the Bothy Band entertaining the darlings. 

If Norfolk Gin was a band we would have Jennifer Juniper of lead vocals, Carol Coriander on lead guitar, Colin Coriander on bass, Laura Lime on drums, Captain Camomile on flute and piccolo, and Lenny Liquorice on trumpet and harp. 

Time to get bottling because the stock shelf is bare.

Whatever you are doing this week may it be safe and bring you and others joy. 


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