First day of Summer 2020

Another calendar page is turned a new month and season in one flip of the page. It is still the first half of the year yet it has raced away in a blur of tininess.

We have much to celebrate this month, birthdays and family events  - the 5th anniversary of Norfolk Gin going on sale to the public.  We would ordinarily have thrown a big party in the gin garden and looked after our guest right royally.  That cannot be so this time around. We have to find another way to make hay.

The business of making and selling the Gin has been like hanging onto the outside of a rocket ship, which now has landed on a foreign planet where the known knowns are no longer such. We adjust by making less and wait for our loyal customers to reopen their saloon doors and garden to all their guests. We finally take the plunge to set up and open an on-line shop.

We are now working toward a million measures of Norfolk Gin. We are on 854,748 measure to date

Help us make it a million!

In the meantime chin chin and stay in with Noroflk Gin


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