Music in the GIn

We put music into the Gin, been doing it since the start. We like to have the sound waves for us and to get the botanicals dancing. It speeds up and improvers flavour and taste in our view.

Music has been a source of support at many times in my life, I loved singing and songs though I cannot hold a tune I love them nonetheless. Record buying began at about 7 with the Jennifer Juniper single by Donovan.

As a teen pocket money and gardening wages were spent on LPS and most of those are still in the home and enjoyed.  Second hand record shops and record clubs have helped swell the collection in recent years. The revival of LPs has been most welcome.

They prevent RSI too as we have to stop what we are doing every 20 minutes to turn the album over. Music can enhance, change or create a mood and that is what I love.


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