Telephone Line is a Lifeline 1980s

These are the words from Life Line a track on 10cc's Bloody Tourist Album from 1978. A life line indeed in those days even 10,000 mile distant when speaking in the phone the two people were connected physically by hundreds of wires connected to join one handset to another.

Now we have radio waves, wires and optical cable connected us with a heap of audio and video options. When courting in the 80s  Alison and I communicated entirely by phone and letter not seeing each other for several weeks at a time. When we did meet up we could be surprised by changes in outfits or hairstyles not so these days.

Music too was so different there were only 3 radio channel playing anything I wanted to hear Radio 1 Radio Luxembourg  and sometimes Radio Caroline. I had about 6 LPs to play and a handful of my parents singles. We had to read about records in Sounds, Melody Maker and NME. Oh to have had streaming, digital radio and internet radio then. Do please buy music, it will keep new music coming.

The choice of music and its easy access enjoyed now goes way beyond my wildest imaginings. It means that we can listen to bands I only ever read about would be fun to read the reviews of Van Der Graaf Generator back in the 1970s before hearing them for the first time now.

Music is was and always will be a tonic to me and Norfolk Gin is infused with it.

Music is a lifeline.


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