Sunday Sunday

Spring marches on. 

We have been collecting fresh fronds from the garden and placing in a used Norfolk Gin bottle which has had the top skilfully removed to form a vase or tall pot. The lushness of the season gives us hope at this testing time. The grass outside is looking particularly vibrant after some overnight rain.
We are following the rules and have been grateful for home delivery of fresh local produce and some wines from futher afield. Like everyone we are missing family and friends and dreaming of sweet reunions. We miss all the smiles and miles of delivering to those great pubs, bars and restaurants who are in hibernation. We hope they are okay and that morale remains high. There will be cheers when their doors reopen.
We are making essential deliveries to local retailers, many are farm shops so we can place our zero contact orders with them and collect at the same time. So grateful for their continued support and that they have vegetables, pies, milk, eggs and great cheeses. 
We are playing board games, lots of records, enjoying cooking and the calm. We hope you all have a peaceful weekend, keep safe and well and have fun
Best wishes
Jonathan and Alison


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