Sunday Musing and Music

Just finished arranging fresh flowers for the Norfolk Gin kitchen window sill. The garden continues to share her glory, with apple blossom playing a starring role in keeping us well this week. 

Mellow Yellow and Colours were early Donovan songs, as a boy I listened to these; the Universal Soldier and Jennifer Juniper (my first record). Perhaps that is the link between the music and the Gin.. Today we are all facing some degree of struggle and conflict. On this bright sunny day we would love to drive out to a country pub or walk into the city and enjoy a lazy lunch. 
It is another weekend at home and we are making the most of this gift of time, to appreciate the beauty around us and trying not to mind the frustrations. So many of us have seen our incomes shrink and our business go into hibernation. This and anxiety about illness and isolation could way heavy, it does at times of course. Yet we have time to reset and reframe; we appreciate those and what we love more intensly, we are inspired by others' innovation courage and positivity. 
It is that positivity and courage we hope will keep the lights burning, colour in your day, music playing, and make joy and laughter a part of everyone's everyday. As children we blew kisses - we are blowing positivity and joy your way. Here is hoping it flutters in through your windows and doors. 

Chin-Chin from Norfolk Gin
Alison and Jonathan


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