Another week passes and other weekend

As another week passes another weekend arrives. The march of spring continues and we see new growth everywhere. Our customers and us it some extent are in a time shifted winter hibernation. Hopefully like the polar bear who emerges from their snow holes we will find the much needed nourishment we require.

We fear some of our fine customers will struggle and urge you to support all the small businesses in whatever way you are able. We are still paying all our suppliers on time in full and receiving payments from ours. Fingers crossed and with some belt tightening we will be playing in the summer sunshine.

Things that seemed important are not so it seems and others that were not are. We are all undergoing some degree of recalibration as the days and weeks roll, stumble and fly by.

Our wish is that the changes will enrich lives and make us all stronger, kinder and able to embrace the future.

best wishes

Jonathan  and Alison


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